Concerns about Lost & Stolen Legislation for Concerned Citizens

You may have heard the lobby groups hash out their arguments on behalf of their clients, but what will this “Lost & Stolen” ordinance really mean for your town or the state?

Here are the answers from your neighbors – lawful firearms owners, hunters, and competitive sport shooters. More importantly, they are also your fellow taxpayers who understand your concerns about crime in the community.

What is the Cost of Lost & Stolen Legislation?

Who processes Lost & Stolen reports? What software is used to track them? How much are the lawsuits going to cost? Most importantly, who pays for it all? The answer to that last question is you. If you’re not interested in paying increased taxes to fund questionable laws, consider the true costs of Lost & Stolen Legislation. » Read More »

Does Lost & Stolen Legislation Deter Crime?

How are small fines proposed by gun-control groups supposed to deter straw purchasers when dozens of state and federal felonies that can result in decades worth of jail time don’t? This is just one of the questions you need to ask before your tax money is used to pay for such a scheme. » Read More »

Is Lost & Stolen Legislation Legal?

One of the big questions about Lost & Stolen legislation is whether it is even constitutional. The Attorney General says no, and the groups proposing it won’t guarantee you won’t get sued for enacting it. Are you willing to bet your taxes on a special interest’s legislative gamble? Perhaps you should look into the legality of Lost & Stolen legislation. » Read More »