Concerns about Lost & Stolen Legislation for Gun Owners

On the surface, the talking points you might hear at your town council meeting from the lobbyist representing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Washington, DC-based Brady Campaign might not sound like a serious infringement on your rights. But when you take a closer look at their agenda, suddenly it doesn’t seem so innocent.

The loss of preemption – the ultimate goal of “Lost & Stolen” ordinances – will mean your rights to safely and legally transport your firearm are at risk. Learn more about what this effort to chip away at our state’s gun laws really means for the future of the Second Amendment in Pennsylvania.

How does Lost & Stolen Legislation Affect Preemption?

Out-of-state gun control groups funded by billionares claim the purpose of Lost & Stolen legislation is to reduce straw purchases, but the real purpose is to chip away at a long-standing principle of law called Preemption which reserves the ability to regulate firearms to the state legislature. Unless you like the idea of different gun laws in every town, you need to read about how Lost & Stolen laws destroy preemption. » Read More »

What is the Cost of Lost & Stolen Legislation?

Who processes Lost & Stolen reports? What software is used to track them? How much are the lawsuits going to cost? Most importantly, who pays for it all? The answer to that last question is most likely you. If you’re not keen on the idea of your taxes going funding laws that aim to make you a criminal, consider the true costs of Lost & Stolen Legislation. » Read More »

Does Lost & Stolen Legislation Deter Crime?

How are small fines proposed by gun-control groups supposed to deter straw purchasers when dozens of state and federal felonies that can result in decades worth of jail time don’t? They’re not, because the target isn’t criminals, it’s law-abiding gun owners like yourself. » Read More »

Is Lost & Stolen Legislation Legal?

One of the big questions about Lost & Stolen legislation is whether it is even constitutional. The Attorney General says no, and the out-of-state gun control groups proposing it won’t guarantee otherwise. Get the facts about why Lost & Stolen is not legal. » Read More »