Concerns about Lost & Stolen Legislation for Law Enforcement

With a comprehensive lobbying effort funded by special interest groups based out of New York City & Washington, DC, it can be tough to get answers to real questions about what “Lost & Stolen” laws will mean for your city & for your officers.

When your fellow officers are at risk, your tax dollars on the line, and your community’s safety is on the line, you want real solutions and deterrents to crime in community – not platitudes from out-of-state lobbyists with no evidence to back up their claims.

What is the Cost of Lost & Stolen Legislation?

Who processes Lost & Stolen reports? What software is used to track them? How much are the lawsuits going to cost? Most importantly, who pays for it all? The answer to all those questions could very well be you and your department. If your department, like many others, doesn’t have money to burn, consider the true costs of Lost & Stolen Legislation. » Read More »

Does Lost & Stolen Legislation Deter Crime?

How are small fines proposed by gun-control groups supposed to deter straw purchasers when dozens of state and federal felonies that can result in decades worth of jail time don’t? As a law enforcement officer you know how the criminal mind works and you know that this doesn’t add up. » Read More »

Is Lost & Stolen Legislation Legal?

One of the big questions about Lost & Stolen legislation is whether it is even constitutional. The Attorney General says no, and it’s possible for officers to be personally criminally and civilly liable for enforcing it. Are you willing to bet your career and livelihood on a special interest gun control group? Perhaps you should look into the legality of Lost & Stolen legislation. » Read More »